Here is the team that makes InTouch magazine a success:

Elian John – Editor-in-Chief

Elian John is the editor-in-chief of the InTouch magazine. She is a passionate entrepreneur who loves writing and reading good stories. Outside of writing, she enjoys listening to music and traveling.

Sarah Londer – Director of Digital Content

Sarah Londer is the director of She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She enjoys live music, traveling, and reading a good book.

Richard Anderson- Product Marketing and Development Manager

Richard Anderson is the Production Marketing and Development Manager for InTouch. Richards has worked with other publications before. He is a fan of adventures and loves playing football.

Johnson Ellis – Director of Digital Operations

Johnson Ellis is the Director of Digital Operations who has worked with the magazine for 10 years. Out of work, Johnson enjoys spending time with his family.

Success Partners

Chief Executive Officer, Emily Rein

Vice President of Operations, Aston John

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