I never remember having been conscious of how my face and skin look. When somebody compliments me and asks about Bivirkninger av betakaroten and having a youthful and glowing skin, I have nothing special to tell them. When I wake up in the morning, I just give my face a quick wash with water and soap and that’s it! Bathing in lukewarm water is also done quickly with some shampoo and soap. I seldom use moisturizers or sunscreens when I go out but I always have baby powder on hand. I do not exercise. I eat a lot but drink a little water.

On the other hand, I wonder where my daughter got her complex version of her beauty regimen. Her skin is so fair, smooth, and soft, with no flaw from head to foot. She does not have enough sleep but she takes lots of water, fruits, and vegetables. She doesn’t eat peanuts or anything with it. She exercises every day also. It takes her one hour in the bathroom and another two hours just fixing her face and skin. At night before bed, she spent another one hour, applying different types and brands of cream. She wears light makeup and lipstick when she goes out.

Those are two exactly different ways of skin-caring the natural way but resulted in the same beautiful and healthy skin. Can we say then that there is no magic in keeping our skin glow (as in moist and soft) and youthful (look younger than you are)? That achieving a youthful and glowing skin is only steps away?

Yes, they say it is easy because we can apply any healthy options directly to our skin compared to the other organs of our body. But how come not all are gifted with it considering that there are several easy and natural ways to maintain it. How come comparing two people of the same age, one looks younger and the other one looks older?

There are numerous natural ways on how to have a youthful and glowing skin. While some research gives 25 to 30 ways to choose from, skin experts give an average of six to seven tips to follow. Looking deeper, and interviewing some people with glowing skin, we can summarize them into just 5 habits that will help people of all ages in achieving youthful and glowing skin. They are as follows:

  • Hydrate by drinking lots of water
  • Cleanse face twice a day, massage, and exfoliate using natural skincare ingredients Moisturize by using products that are oil-free and containing ceramides
  • Eat the right foods (anti-oxidant rich like fruits and vegetables, green tea, Vitamin C, and healthy fats.
  • Exercise and clean after work-out
  • Use mineral-based sunscreen

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