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How to Grow Your Sugar Waxing Business?

In a 2015 report by IBIS World, the waxing industry is noted as a highly profitable business with increasing demand. During the next few years leading up to 2021, the hair removal industry is set to become a booming business with a yearly increase in income of about 4.3%. People searching for how to make sugar wax is also highly interested in hair removal as well.

While more and more people are availing the waxing service as part of their grooming routine, it’s important to make a mark in a highly competitive industry. Luckily for you, this article is made to provide you with tips that can surely help you grow your sugar waxing business.

Invest in Training

In order for your business to grow, it’s important that you have your clients’ trust. One sure way to get your clients’ trust and confidence is by making sure that you and your technicians are well-versed with regards to the appropriate products to use as well as the different techniques and treatments using sugar wax. Mastering the art of waxing cannot be achieved on your own in just one day. Through a series of training and consistent practice, you can definitely become a waxing guru. Your clients will not only come back for more, but they will also help spread the word about the expert service you have in store for everyone.

Educate your Clients

Make sure that your clients remain faithful to the sugar wax service you offer by ensuring that all their needs are provided. Educate them about the entire process. After all, it is their body, and they have every right to know the ins and outs of your service. This includes the techniques that you’re going to use, the treatments that they will be receiving, the effect on their body, and the possible issues if there are any.

Provide Solutions

Trust your sugar wax expertise, and do not be afraid to entertain your client’s questions. Ensure your clients’ ease and comfort after the procedure by recommending solutions and informing them about the different after-care products.

Offer Additional Services

Growing your business may also mean growing the list of services that you can offer. Do not limit yourself and provide additional services from which your clients can choose from. You can start with something common like eyebrow and lip services. These services are quick and only a minimal amount of wax is used in each treatment. Later on, when you’ve already gained your name as a trustworthy sugar waxing business, you can start innovating new products and services.

Include Men as Potential Clients

As more and more men are joining in the popularity of hair removal procedures, make sure that your business is prepared to cater to your male clients’ needs. Choose the kind of products and techniques suitable for men’s stubborn hair growth. It is highly suggested to include a separate section for male grooming services such as chest and back wax to encourage more male clients.

Offer Affordable Membership Packages

For most people, waxing is a regular part of their grooming routine. Offering membership packages is a win-win situation for both you and your clients as it allows you to get faster income while they get their money’s worth through the services you provide. Emphasize the membership discounts and benefits they can get, and, soon, people will be lining up to sign up!

Starting and growing your own business is never an easy task. However, with these tips, we hope that we could help you create your own name in the hair removal industry.

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