Dress for Success

Entrepreneurship: How to Dress for Success

How one looks have a huge impact on whatever he or she does. That is why there are appropriate ways to dress custom t shirts Canada depending on one’s profession. Now, if you’re an entrepreneur, how should you do so? Read on for tips on how entrepreneurs should dress for success.

Wear Professional-Looking Clothes

As an entrepreneur, you want the people you’re meeting with to take you seriously, and putting on professional looking clothes will do just that. While custom t-shirts are ideal for events such as fund-raising programs and campaigns, you might want to put on a suit on your regular day. After all, you can’t go wrong with a nice suit. You can wear your suit with a pair of good jeans to give yourself that professional yet approachable look.

Wear Conservative Clothes

While it’s important to be stylish, it’s also imperative that you wear an attire that covers the sensitive parts of your body. For example, women may wear a skirt with a slit, but make sure that it’s not too high. For men, low-waist jeans, the ones that show your undergarments, aren’t advisable.

Polish Your Shoes

Shoes are important. Some people may think that shoes are not as noticeable as the top or bottom wear, but they are. They are an integral part of your whole outfit, so it’s important that you keep yours looking good. Leather shoes are always a good idea, so keep them polished. For women, low heels are good as they give off that business look but that is not to say that high heels are not a great idea as they put business and sophistication together.

Wear Clothes with The Right Fit

Always check how your clothes fit your body. Make sure that they are not too tight nor are they too loose. Your body needs space to breathe but not to the point where it will look like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes.

Keep Your Hair Neat

For a successful entrepreneur look, neat hair is always the way to go. You can have stylish hair but also professional looking. Men can brush up their hair while women have more options. The trick is that your hair should not cover your face.

Wear Simple Accessories

Go for simple yet classy accessories. Putting on too many pieces of jewelry or over-the-top accessories can be off-putting. Choose pieces that will complement your attire. Watches are very ideal for men while women should try to follow the three-point rule – a pair of earrings and a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet or watch, or a pair of earrings and a ring.

Remove Piercings

No, we’re not being old-fashioned, but we have to admit that piercings can be a bit off-putting especially when you’re wearing tons of them. As stated above, you have to keep your look simple, neat, and professional.


While following all the tips above, do remember that the best thing to wear is confidence. If you feel confident, that will emanate to the people you’re meeting with and will consequently make you look like a successful entrepreneur even more.

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