Taking the First Step to Your Journey of Success

Fear is the biggest enemy of personal growth and development. Unless you decide to take the first step, you will miss out great opportunities and won’t achieve your full potential. Success involves taking the first step and not settling for mediocrity.
1. Embrace Opportunities
Along the journey of success, you need to identify viable opportunities and grab them. Always strive to do more than you are used to and be curious to know what lies on the other side.
2. Take Action
Once …

The Greatest Challenges of Being Your Own Boss

Have you just decided to quit your job and jump into the YouEconomy? Well, if you have, then you need to familiarize yourself with some of the challenges you are likely to experience.
Not Believing in Yourself
Starting a new job is not easy, and you are likely to experience moments when you feel that you aren’t good enough. This is especially true when you have just left a role that you were so good to take a role that you have no idea about.
An effective way to deal with self-doubt is …

Ways to Create Your Own Opportunity at Work

Have you ever heard the saying that successful employees create opportunities while unsuccessful ones wait for opportunities? If you want to become successful in your career, here are ways to cultivate opportunities.
1. Identify Your Niche
One way to create your own opportunities is by finding your niche and pursuing it. Based on your knowledge and expertise, recognize a need in your workspace that is either an emerging trend or underserved. The idea should demonstrate your passion and commitment…