InTouch – A Magazine of People and Possibilities is a business magazine which aims at inspiring the world of business. Established in 1980, we offer inspiration to our readers from the biggest personalities in the world of business. Being in the market for that long allowed us to accumulate extensive experience and provide a plethora of services.

We offer two issues which bring to you top achievers and how their contribution has changed the world. This is the only magazine that provides you with a unique window into the lives of successful people, their past and present, and what they do differently in order to excel both in their personal and business life.

Our Mission

Our mission comes from the motivation to help our readers change their way of thinking and doing things in order to reach their goals. Being a highly competitive world, it can be difficult to remain relevant if one does not have the necessary skills and information. That is why we take it upon ourselves to offer inspiration and best life advice to our readers.

Our magazine is designed for everyone who wants to hone their business skills and make informed business decisions. We are also passionate about providing our readers with ideas on how to improve their body and mind so as to live meaningful lives.

InTouch Online

Apart from our magazine, we have a website where we publish new content on a daily basis. Our editorial team covers daily business news on our print magazine, website, and multi-media platform.

Our digital products are customized for readers who want to access information on the go. Our readers take InTouch.com to their careers and businesses so as to expand their knowledge and stay relevant. We are one of the few business magazines that strive to meet the needs of our readers in a quick and efficient manner throughout our platforms.