Swimming Promote Physical Development

How Does Swimming Promote Physical Development?

Swimming is a rewarding activity that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Swimming lesson Singapore is a vital life skill that helps children to remain active and promotes their physical and cognitive development. Research shows that children who are trained to swim at an early age experience rapid physical development that can help them later on in life.  In this article, we will look at the reasons why swimming is vital for physical development.

1.         Promotes Heart and Lung Function

As your child swims, there will be an efficient flow of oxygen throughout the body and this will stimulate the heart and lungs. As the heart continues to pump blood in the arms and legs, circulation and cardiovascular endurance are enhanced.

Also, swimming requires deep, rhythmic breathing that can help strengthen the lungs and improve the respiratory function.

2.         Overall Body Fitness

Body fitness is not only important for an individual’s physical health, but it also contributes to mental health. Regular swimming contributes to the overall fitness of the body in both adults and children. It utilizes most large muscle groups which lead to better stamina and fitness.

3.         Helps Build Strong Muscles

Children who participate in swimming during their early years are able to develop strong muscles than their counterparts. During swimming, the body goes through water resistance which plays a big role in ensuring muscle strength. In fact, research has shown that children who participate in this activity use more of their muscle groups compared to children who are involved in other physical activities.

4.         Weight Loss

Over the years, child obesity; which is usually associated with juvenile diabetes, has been on the rise. For this reason, there is a reason for children to get involved in physical activities like swimming. Swimming is a low-impact activity that involves aerobic activity which can help burn 500 to 650 calories per hour. It is a great exercise for those who want to manage their weight and keep fit.

5.         Promotes Intelligence

Another advantage of early swimming is that it helps enhance the kid’s mental development. Swimming calls for coordination between the mind and body and this aids in improving intelligence as well as brain and cognitive development.

6.         Reduces Stress

Believe it or not, recreation swimming can help deal with stress and alleviate stress in children. This activity stimulates the brain to release endorphins which can aid in relaxing and calming a tired mind. This keeps the child in a happy state.

7.         Visual-Motor Skills

Studies have shown that children who learn to swim at an early age have more visual-motor skills than expected. It helps with coordination, balance, posture and concentration. Swimming during early childhood development helps the learner to engage all the senses and their coordination is improved with time.

Children also learn how to maintain their balance in the water and this boosts body awareness. Besides, it has been found that swimming at an early age enables children to color, draw and cut paper better than other children of their age.


Swimming has numerous benefits when it comes to physical development in children. It is therefore important for parents to enroll their children in early swimming lessons in order to give them an edge in physical and mental ability.

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