Cannabis-extract CBD Oil is increasingly booming in the beauty world, but you need to be cautious

CBD oil is gaining popularity as a product that relieves the pain caused by wearing high heels. While some products are thought to contain high levels of THC, the legality of some Cannabis Oils remains a grey area in many states.

High heels are not ordinary shoes as they are used to bring an aspect of beautiful long and slimmer legs. They are quite common during the Hollywood award season. Celebrities use them for beauty but spend months nursing the pain caused by the high heels. The Hollywood stylists believe that they have found a long-lasting solution to the pain in cannabis. However, they do not intend to use cannabis in its pure form but they have set their eyes on the CBD oil derived from cannabis.

What is CBD OIL?

CBD refers to cannabidiol which is a non-psychoactive element. It was first discovered and extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant in 1940. Unlike the recreational form of cannabis, CBD oil does not contain THC which brings psychotic behavior to the user. Currently, CBD products are used in the treatment of various problems such as anxiety, sleep disorders, epilepsy, stress, and many more diseases.

CBD oil in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has not been left behind in exploring the use of CBD. It has been incorporated in creams, oils, sprays, bath bombs, moisturizers, masks, and tinctures. Exploration of its use continues. The beauty industry is usually active in trying new things and is exploiting the legalization of recreational marijuana in several States. The Cannabis beauty products have become relatively popular and are currently seen in famous stores such as Barneys and Neiman Marcus. The Estee Lauder beauty company launched a calm mask product called Hello made from oil extract of cannabis Sativa.

You could be wondering if you would also have a marijuana scent if you are using products that contain CBD oil. You have nothing to worry about since the products will only have a pleasant and elegant smell like many other cosmetic products. Several celebrities have acknowledged their support for the products. Some of these celebrities include Lord Jones, Michelle Williams, Mandy Moore, and Sarah Paulson. CBD oil beauty products have attracted long-term retail distributors such as Miss Grass, Fleur Marche, and White Label CBD market.


You must be a little cautious when using CBD oil beauty products. Little research has been done on the potential adverse effects of the products. Some of the products may contain THC. Initially, Lord Joes included THC in their cream but later removed it from mass distribution including to several states that have not legalized recreational marijuana.  CBD products made from Hemp plants are safer since the plant contains little traces of THC. The hemp oil is rich in omega fatty acids making it popular in anti-aging products.


Although CBD beauty products are gaining popularity, their legality remains a grey area. A product that is legal in one nation may be illegal in another country. It is advisable to gather information if you want to travel to a different nation with your CBD oil product. You might love your heals, but that should not be a reason enough for you to go to jail.

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